Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Winter Sensory tub

Matthew loved his winter sensory box!

That's what it looked like.

Here's the contents:

This box includes: (from top) 1. blue Legos (Christmas gift-free) 2. jingle bells (yard sale over the summer, 10 cents for a ton of them) 3. pink snowflake and blue gems (Target-dollar bins, $1 for a pack) 4. q-tips (out of the bathroom) 5. Decorative rocks (bought years ago at Target) 6. silver ribbons (had them leftover from Christmas) 7. plain blue pompoms (Target-dollar bins) 8. Facial pads (Extra bonus that came with the q-tips out of the bathroom) 9. Sparkly blue pompoms ( Target-dollar bins, $1 for a pack with a bunch of colors) 10. Cotton balls (bathroom) 11. (not shown) Snowman, 2 reindeer, and candy cane ornaments from Target on 75% off. 12. (not shown) ice cube tray brought down from the attic

So what did he do with it? As soon as he saw what was inside he started searching for all of the jingle bells. He took out all of them and started sorting them into an ice cube tray. Then, he went after the flat marbles and put all of them into the ice cube tray.

After he sorted a little, I thought it was cute that he decided that the reindeer needed to eat. So, he put the face of the reindeer near the ice cube tray and started making the slurping noise that he always makes to show that something is eating.

I want to mention that none of what he did was directed by me. I did not suggest that he sort anything, but I did play with him for a while. Then, I started making dinner and my normally pretty active son, sat at the table with his sensory tub and played.


  1. Isn't it amazing? I love sensory tubs so much because they offer so many learning opportunities . Yours looks awesome!

  2. OMG....Allie, I didn't realize who you were from your picture! You are my inspiration for my son's sensory tubs and a lot of what I do with him! I LOVE your site and I want you to know that since I found it a few months ago, I have sent a ton of friends over to see you! Thank you so much for doing what you do over at NTFFC!!!