Thursday, January 27, 2011

Safety first....bonus when it's free!

Remember this super cute picture?

Safety comes first with a toddler!

Back in November, Scott had to do the yearly changes to his health and other benefits. We took a lot of time on "Which plan would be most helpful to us if...." You can fill in the blank with just about every ailment under the sun! I'm a worrier! What can I say!

After reading through all of the health benefit options, we chose the same Highmark plan that we already had. It figures! I decided to look through and see if there were any benefits that I was not already taking advantage of. It turns out that there was something that we missed.

There is section about health, wellness, and safety. Highmark (at least with our plan) will reimburse you up to $25 per person for buying bike helmets for members of your family. I decided that this was certainly a benefit that I was going to take advantage of.

Of course, time flies and the mind forgets. I forgot all about buying the helmet for months. Then, the day of the skating party we decided that we'd rather be safe than sorry and bought it. Today, I am finally filling out the paperwork and getting my $20 back!

My suggestion to you? Number 1. Consider buying a helmet for your child. 2. Check your health insurance and if you can also be reimbursed for it, by all means, buy the helmet and either save it for when the Easter Bunny comes or (if you're child is just too little now) save it for next Christmas.

You never know when you might need it.

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