Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hatching Chicks - Part 2

Today is day 10 of our hatching project! I want so badly to have something to share with you, but taking pictures of these eggs is very difficult!! Here is what I do have...

 This video will (hopefully) show you some of the veins that we can see when we "candle" the eggs.
This is the one picture that I got that showed anything. See that light spot on the bottom of the egg? That is the sac of air that the baby chicks will take their first breaths from! Each egg has a nice air sac.

That's as "eggciting" as things are getting around here. We have about 10 more days until hatch day! We are excited to see which egg will hatch first!

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hatching Chicks - Part 1

Have you ever been so nervous about something that you create your own obstacles to keep yourself from feeling guilty about not doing "the thing".

I have been tossing around the idea of hatching baby chicks with my children for a couple of years. I learned about this farm that is about an hour away from us and they give you everything you need to do the entire project! They even let you bring the chicks back when you're done, which is just the right amount of commitment for me!

After coming up with a couple years worth of reasons to not do this project, I finally jumped in with both feet and scheduled a day to pick up everything and visit the farm.

Prior to going, I searched to see if I could find any resources that would go along with this project. I did not find anything that I felt was really good, so this has also turned into a working project for me.

How about some pictures?
This is the bin (which will become a brooder) that we picked up from the farm. They included all of the supplies in here. We HAD already started to unpack it.....we couldn't WAIT to get started!
Here are the rest of the supplies that came in the bin. This is the incubator, eggs, and the "candle" (aka...led flashlight for looking at the eggs as they grow)
 These books also came in our bin. They are amazing when it comes to explaining what is happening with our eggs.

We were told to let our eggs settle for a few hours from the drive home. The farmer also said that we could write on the eggs if we wanted to name them. We couldn't resist! Introducing.......

 and LUCY
(We also have Chicklet....he seems to be MIA, but he's here)
Once everyone was named. We put the eggs into the incubator and we were off!
The next day.....

I wish I had a picture of my daughter when she got up and realized that there were not any baby chicks yet. This will certainly be a good lesson in patience for her.
At this point, I had started on my egg hatching activity for my store Wedded Mommy Bliss. The first activity was to look at the eggs and just color the 7 eggs to look like the eggs that we had. We also answered questions about what we felt and smelled. I loved that my son said that it smelled like scrambled eggs in the incubator.
 On the left, my son only wanted to color "his" eggs.My daughter and I worked on the right side. You can see the big black "X"....I did that, because we lost "Snowball" (yes, he didn't even get pictured above...) before we ever even got started.
Here are our eggs, just keeping warm!
This project will continue until the end of February. Please check back to see how we are doing and when our baby chicks hatch!!

Also, please visit Wedded Mommy Bliss to find my egg hatching activity. Likely it will be finished well before the eggs are hatched! 
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