Sunday, January 2, 2011

The "Jan Plan"

This is the plan for January. On the top left, there is sort of a quick version of my plans. The bottom left has a list of books that I want to go get out of library to go along with what we are working on and the places to find them in our library.

When you see "NTFFC" that stands for "No Time For Flash Cards".

This is not everything that I will do in a day with my son (wouldn't that be boring!), it is more of a guide to remind me of things that I want to do with him to focus on certain themes or topics. I have always been the type to add new things as we go. I have already looked at this and realized that there is no place for polar animals! You just HAVE to do polar animals in January! :)

Do you have ideas for January or how to improve on this calendar? Leave me a comment!

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