Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Window writing

I was checking out my favorite site No Time for Flashcards last week and came across this idea. Allie and her little man were having a great time, but she ran into some problems.

Seeing that post, reminded me of something I had up in the attic that I thought might work well for us. I had a set of 5 of these chalk markers, but I used two of them until they were gone and the yellow was dried up. The green and white had never been opened, so that's what we had!

See the videos below to find out how you can help your child practice writing on the windows with a quicky clean up.

***If you are wondering why you SHOULD let your child write on a window, read this:

How Vertical Surfaces Support Fine Motor Skill Development

When preschoolers hold a marker, paint brush or other instrument against a vertical surface, extra muscles in the wrist and hand are strengthened - muscles that don't get exercise when preschoolers write on a table or other horizontal surface. The tiny hand and wrist muscles work against gravity in a different way on vertical surfaces then they do when preschoolers write or draw on horizontal surfaces.

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