Monday, January 10, 2011

A two year old on ice!

Yesterday was awesome! I have been wanting to get my on son out on the ice to see if I have a future hockey player in the making. I've been thinking about this since before he was born and "planning" on taking him since he could walk. When we finally went yesterday it was "Geez...finally!"

I am happy to report that Matthew LOVED it! He keep saying "More hockey! More hockey!" Whenever we had to stop. I was exhausted! Over the course of about 2 hours we only managed 2 and a half laps. Pretty unexciting for someone that used to like to time the number of laps that she could do in "x" number of minutes! Still, I did enjoy seeing him have so much fun!

Here are some awesome pictures of our great time skating!

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  1. How fun and cute! I wish we had a place close by to take ours skating!