Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hats off to an amazing SIL

My sister-in-law....I'm pretty sure she is Superwoman! I've known her for a little over 10 years. When I met her, she was about the age that I am now, married to her "Highschool Sweetheart" (actually more like Jr. High, but who ever says that), and living the one of the scariest parts of Pittsburgh so that they could work, make ends meet, and fulfill their dreams for the future.

Today, she is still married to the love of her life, lives in one of the most beautiful, yet practical homes I've ever seen, and has three of the most awesome kids EVER!

Jen and her husband own and operate their own Dental practice. Jen is one of the millions of working moms, but something about her is just amazing! Some working moms seem to (I know that they don't, but it seems like that sometimes) put so much time into their job that they have no time to do the housewife things or things that a stay at home mom would do. What do I mean by that? Let me try to clarify if I can....

While a SAHM might mix up a chicken noodle soup from scratch for dinner, WM might open a can of Campbell's.

Where WM might run late or miss their child's dance recital, SAHM has been there since late last night helping to make sure that the programs are in the right place and finishing up sewing or pinning up the last of the tutus onto the pink leotards.

I think you get my point. And I hope that you know that these comparisons are not true to everyone! I know that even SAHM will put soup on the table sometimes and be late for a dance recital. I also know that WM will cut into her sleeping time to stay awake to make some extra healthy for her children when she can. She will also take days off from work, because her little pumpkin said (with puppy dog eyes) "Mommy, Ms. Dance Instructor said that they need help with the recital. Can you do it, please?"

My point, SIL Jen is an amazing combination of the two! When I see what she's been up to, I think to myself..."Dear God in Heaven! She must NEVER sleep!"

Like I said, Jen has three awesome little girls. She is always excited for birthdays and is usually the first one to start chanting "Presents! Presents!" Every child has her own birthday party with her own birthday cake. Jen has created all of their cakes for every party and I want to show off some of her talent!

The amazing rainbow cake that you saw above is made up of a bunch of 14inch rounds.
This the the recent "rainbow birthday" for her youngest.

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