Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Jan Plan" update

*Photo taken by my dear sweet brother

So far, the "Jan Plan" is going well. This week, I planned to: make a letter "N" that had numbers on it, make and play with a winter sensory box, go to the Aviary, go to the library for story time, and have Daddy take Matthew to the train museum.

I was doing great until we got to today. We did not make it to the library today, because I just wasn't feeling well. I thought I getting something. I ended up going back up to bed at 9am and sleeping on and off until noon. When I got up, I felt horrible. I was dizzy, had chills, and my body was aching all over. I decided it was a day to just stay home.

I hate days like these, because I end up with a feeling of guilt for keeping my son in for most of the day. My husband is not the type that would take my son to the library without my having told him to. Which is fine, but the alternative is that he sits in our Living Room and watching TV and movies all day! I HATE THAT!!!

Everyone knows that TV rots our minds! Still, it can be hard to keep your little one as wrapped up in anything as they are when they are watching TV. I know that, for my son, he doesn't even MOVE when the TV is on. I can talk to him and ask him anything and get no response. Who else is like this? Do you know my husband?? :)

So why is it so hard to cut myself some slack? It's not even like I went off to do a craft or something. I really just wasn't feeling well. I even have this kind of running tab in my mind of how much TV he is watching in a day. I figure that if I have him out doing things most days it will make up for days like this where I am not able to keep him moving and playing.

What are your feelings on your children watching TV? Sometimes, I feel like I'm the only one worried about certain issues. This is one of them! What are some of your ideas for getting your little one away from the TV long enough for you to do the dishes or fold a load of laundry?


  1. Olivia has watched entirely too many movies since I've hit my 7th month of pregnancy. It's very hard for me to get out of the house with her from having to lift her into the car and chase her around places. I just don't have the energy right now. I cannot wait to be fully recovered and back to myself. I miss playing with her.

  2. That's difficult! Scott and I have been having a lot of discussions about having a second child recently, and I just keep thinking about how horrible weeks 6-12 were for me. I remember the day that I actually fell asleep in my classroom! (It really wasn't so bad....I only had 6 kids in my room and we were having a movie party. I swear I just sat down for a second!!) Now, I'm thinking, how could I make it through that time with a toddler!!

    Although Amy, you gotta call me and let me take Olivia for you for a little bit! I feel for ya gal! Just a few more days!!!