Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Casting for Recovery

My Mom is an awesome event planner! You might think that planning an event is as simple as putting out some stuff on a table, having a sign in, and having food to eat when you get there. Those are all part of it, but it takes hundreds of man hours to get an event together.

There are so many little pieces that are involved that if you miss just one piece, it can impact your event in a negative way. I remember my wedding. We had 3 years to plan it! In the last month, there were so many little tedious tasks that I couldn't stand it! I was fighting my Mom constantly, telling her that we didn't having to do this or that!

What was included in this or that? Checking every single envelope to make sure that we had everyone's name spelled correctly. THEN, checking the address that we had for them with to be sure that we didn't make any mistakes on the spelling of their street, city, or house number. Finally, we would input zip codes online just to make sure that we had all of those 100% correct.

This task alone took forever. I HATED it!!! My Mom was right though! We found a handful of envelopes that were wrong. Even though it would have only impacted a few people, those could have been a few people that THOUGHT they should be invited, but NEVER were. Have you ever been that person?

One of the awesome events that my Mom helps to plan is a Casting for Recovery wearable art fashion show and luncheon in February. This year will be the third year that it has been done.

The money from the tickets that are sold at the fashion show, the auction, and other items that are for sale, go to help benefit the Western PA Casting for Recovery retreat. The retreat is for women who are breast cancer survivors. It offers them a no-cost retreat to meet and share experiences with other survivors. On their retreat, the women also get to learn the new skill of fly-fishing. The idea is to promote physical, mental, and emotional healing.

Click here for more information about Casting for Recovery.

I really wanted to do this post to show off some pictures from last year's fashion show. So here you go!

This is the cute little setting on the table.

Information table for Casting for Recovery with a newspaper article about the previous year's retreat.

The amazing auction with a handmade quilt! I really wanted to win that!

Two of the most amazing survivors I know! My Mom is on the left and Judy-Ann (I'm pretty sure I was supposed to send you this picture...sorry about that!). My Mom went on this retreat in 2002 and I believe Judy-Ann went this past year.

This is the end of the wearable art fashion show. The models always come out at the end and show off some of the art. Then, they give a little gift to a few people in the audience.

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