Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Time out and Two...

Do you see that?

That is the hole that my sweet little two-year-old put in the wall.

Here's the story.

Apparently, my son is getting some of his two year molars in the back. He started biting over the weekend and I could feel where one came up, but there are three others that are still coming.

So, he's biting.....Scott (actually in his lefty....which was REALLY, REALLY, awful! At least that is what I hear.)

So, he goes in time out.

I tell Scott that I have started sitting him on the step and walking away. I usually stand by our door in the hall so that I'm not longer holding him in my lap on the step while he is in time out, he is taking control of himself.

Scott decided to walk back into his (Scott's) playroom and check something on his computer. I was in the living room on mine. After two minutes, I said "Scott, it's been two minutes. You need to get Matthew out of timeout."

Scott goes out into the hall and say "Um...Babe, come see this."

I walk out to find that hole in the wall.


I made Matthew help me hold the vacuum to clean it up. Scott was concerned that he might exposed to something that might be in our plaster walls. Maybe, but if he was, he was already exposed when he stuck his little destructive fingers in there! This was just another one those times, where we disagreed. And even though I thought that Scott was probably right (don't tell him I said that), I have gotten in the habit of making Matthew fix things that he does wrong and help me clean up his messes. I feel that it helps him to be responsible for his actions. I decided that this was kind of a big thing to do wrong. The kind of thing that if he goes into time out again and keeps messing with that hole, we are going to have a very serious problem.

Matthew was a great helper. He held the vacuum end and helped me sweep up the 4 steps that had plaster on them. Then, Scott fixed the wall.

Gotta love boundary testing, right?

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