Saturday, January 29, 2011

Why do you homeschool?

You all know how much I love No Time for Flashcards. This week, the woman behind the site posed a question on facebook. She asked: "For my readers who are homeschoolers - what is your number one reason to homeschool?"

I was intrigued by this question, but more by the answers. Scott and I have been discussing homeschool our son when the time comes. I have joined a few forums in my area and I kind of lurk around to see what other homeschool parents are doing and the issues that they are having so that I know what to expect.

As I read the above questions, I asked myself "Why do I want to homeschool Matthew?" From my readings, one of the things that really resonated inside me, was that homeschooling Matthew would give us time. We would not need to be constantly beating the clock to get get up at a certain time, get on a bus at the right time, rushing to do homework before we raced the clock to get to afterschool activities, and planning our vacations around his school schedule. I honestly did not feel like this was a good reason to homeschool though...and maybe it's not, but it is a answer that a LOT of people seemed to give for wanting to homeschool.

One person even mentioned that her husband works Saturday and Sunday and has off on Tuesdays and Wednesday. She said that if they didn't homeschool, her children would not have much time with daddy. How sad!

My primary answer (in a nutshell): I used to be a classroom teacher. I have taught hundreds of kids in different capacities, why would I let someone else raise my kids for me? Why would I not use my knowledge to: 1. teach my son 2. help him excel at what he is good at 3. give him the attention that he needs when he's not good at something? It makes so much sense to me.

I am so glad that NTFFC posed that question, because it reminded me that I'm not alone on this journey. I hope that those of you that are also homeschooling families with share your stories in the comment below.


PS....My husband and I have also had a lot of discussions about how me not going back to the workforce will mean that we will not be "Keeping up with the Jones". That is hard when friends are able to buy nice houses, cars, and amazing new-on-the-market technology and we are just scraping by with help. How do you manage when others around you live a different lifestyle?


  1. We have just decide to homeschool out 4 kids. We gave up keeping up with others long ago. My kids are happy, fun and secure and my house is full of love and giggles, not nice furniture and big TVs. aNd I'm ok with that!

  2. Wow Lauren! Great insight! We should use our gifts with our own children! We really want to homeschool too! We have many reasons education, attention, giving what they need at their pace, to have more time with each other, to explore the world around us, God and so many more!!!

    I just know that yes we will have to give up some MATERIAL things and that is ok with me. I know as you said its hard to look at others and wish I had the newest Iphone but to honor God, for the love of my children, and out of respect of my husbands hard work we say no. So here are some biblical priciples on that...I'll give you some scripture and try not to sound like a preacher LOL! God wants us to be a healthy steward and to do that we must understand 1. everything comes from God, 2. everything we have belongs to God, 3. everything is distributed by God. Matthew 6:25-34. I know that going into debt for something is not ok, if we can't pay cash for an item we desire we don't get it or save up to get it later. Proverbs 22:7 says that we are slave to the lender when we borrow and that is so true. I love the feeling of looking at the big screen TV and saying that is mine...not that is mine in 4 years with 48 payments of $50 and interest! LOL!

    Love ya girl and I can't wait to see where this homeschool adventure leads us!!!