Wednesday, November 11, 2015


I love this time of year! There are so many wonderfully fun things going on! Are you remembering to give back to others?

I saw a funny cartoon the other day. It said, "Black Friday. The day when everyone nearly kills each other for cheap stuff, just the day after being thankful for all that they have!" That made me chuckle and also really consider the things that we do during this season. Are you remembering to show gratitude?

Thanksgiving is just about two weeks away. We are plugging along with our Thanksgiving Turkey of Thankfulness.

We are also working on a Gingerbread house which we make as a family and then drive downtown to be part of the Gingerbread display. We have been taking part in this tradition since the year that my son was born.

One year, I made a Turkey cake and delivered it to local firefighters and policemen in our town.

We will also be filling shoeboxes next week for Samaritan's Purse. We have also done this for a couple of years now.

It is so important to me that my children learn to give. What are some ways that you are showing people that you love, care, and appreciate them this season?

Friday, November 6, 2015

Roll it, Read it!

I created this last year for Matthew. He was really starting to take an interest in reading and writing, so we abandoned the short vowels and skipped ahead to "The H Brothers". These are the words that start with ch-, sh-, th-, and wh- and there's an awesome story that helps bring this to life (google it!).

The game has minimal prep.
~I prefer to laminate our board. You will need one per person.
~You will also need to prepare one die for each pair or group that will be playing.
~One dry erase marker per person.

In the game, you simply roll a die, whatever number you roll is the number that you read. Each number has 4 sentences, when you read one, you mark a box beside the one that you read to show that you were successful in reading it. Unless you roll a 6, then you get to choose any of the numbers and read any one sentence from anywhere on the page. The player that reads all four sentences by any one number is the winner!

Matthew loves to play this game!

This product is on my Teachers Pay Teachers store: Wedded Mommy Bliss right now! I expended it to allow for a variety of levels to use it. At the beginner level, students simply have to identify uppercase letters. As students progress is their reading, they can move through short vowel families, long vowels, and then on to reading sentences.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Voting for Favorite Foods!!!

Do you kids like to write? Mine really does! He loves writing in notebooks about whatever is on his mind. Writing with a predetermined focus is more difficult, but it must be done!
Today, we used the voting themed writing prompt from my November Story Starters, (aka Writing Prompts) to write about Matthew's favorite food.
 Matthew has a difficult time choosing just one thing that he likes most of the time. I stopped trying to force him to pick a favorite a long time ago, so I was not surprised when I asked him to draw his favorite food, there were three different foods: candy, waffles, and ice cream. Well, actually, I was shocked that pizza didn't make the list! We started off by drawing his favorite food and coloring it. I personally feel that it is easier to write about something when you can really visualize what you are writing about.
After he drew and colored his "Rainbow Candy". We went up to the question and finished the sentence. He thought he was getting off easy, because he just wrote "Rainbow Candy" and assumed he was done. I told him that he had to also add a reason for why he liked Rainbow Candy the most. He said "Because I like rainbows." After he finished, we did some editing. We talked about "rainbow" being a compound word, any time "I" is used as a word it is capital, and we talked about punctuation. Actually, he remembered to put a period at the end, so I circled it, just to let him know that I noticed it. To be "age appropriate" I did not throw in his face that a sentence could not start with "because", instead I just pretended that it could and showed him how it would be capitalized.
I think you can expect to see more writing prompts being used at our homeschool table over the next few months!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

We are thankful for.....

I realized this morning that it was already November 4th and I haven't put up our turkey and started added feathers!  I decided this year that I wanted to print, laminate, and use my new product!!! 
This product is called "We Are Thankful For..." and it is available in my store for $2!!! I printed out the body and about a dozen feathers.
 This is my lamination station happening right on the kitchen counter! I love watching this thing work! It's great to laminate things like this, because I know that my family will continue to use them. It is very important to me that my children grow to understand gratitude.
After I laminated and cut out the body and feathers, I asked my son what he was thankful for. He said, "this whole family! I wouldn't be alive without them!" That's just so sweet! All through the month, this turkey will continue to get new feathers with things that my children are thankful for. I love, love, love watching the turkey get all of his feathers! I hope you enjoy it too!