Thursday, February 17, 2011

Room overhaul!

You can't imagine that groan that came from my mouth when my Dad told me that he was coming to my house to fixed up my extra bedroom/craft room/stock pile room/whatever room (so I had a ton of crap in there). For those that don't know me, I live in a home that I rent from my parents. The house is an older home with three stories. We have an unfinished kinda icky basement at the bottom. The main floor has a small kitchen, a large dining room (that we use as a playroom), a nice sized living room, a "full" bathroom, and another extra room that my husband uses for his "man cave". The second floor has two very large bedrooms, a third smaller bedroom, and a full bath. On the top, we have the attic. The attic is huge! It's kind of finished, I guess, but not really a place that you'd want to live if you didn't have to.

Back when my parents bought this house, the extra bedroom was my bedroom. I remember when first went to see it. My room was a kitchen! A full kitchen! When I first saw that, I was very disappointed! My best friend thought it was awesome and that I should keep the sink in my room and have my own little lab. It all came out though and turned out really nice.

Nearly 20 years later, it's time for a makeover! My Dad is ripping down all of the walls, insulating, rewiring, hanging a new light fixture, new ceiling, new carpet...and I'm guessing a new coat of paint! I'm super excited!

We've been asked a couple of time what that room will be when it is done. We're not sure. Maybe a craft room, maybe a new nursery or a bedroom for Matthew when we have another child, maybe it'll just be a extra bedroom/craft room/stock pile room/whatever room again, but I'm thinking that it's going to be too nice for that! So, I'm really thinking hard about what it should be. I love the idea of just having an extra bedroom for people to enjoy, but since we've lived here, we only had one person stay with us for one night. Is it really worth it to keep that room all pretty for the possibility of having people stay in it once every two and half years?

Yesterday was day one. Scott and I had just a couple big things to move out of the room and then we decided to we wanted to see if we could get through the walls. Scott asked me if I wanted to bet him that he could punch through the wall. He couldn't! But hammering the crap out of a wall is great therapy! And you can see everything that we did during our therapy session below!

Also, stay tuned for some more pictures. The room looks really cool right now, so I gotta show you what happened when the dusk settled yesterday.

Some before....

The first busts into the wall...

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