Sunday, February 6, 2011

PLEASE help me out!!!!

I am a bzzagent. What does that mean? I signed up on the site to try out and review different products that they give to me. Sometimes I get food samples, sometimes it is "stuff" like the label maker that you saw a couple weeks ago, once I even got candles. I love it!

Today, they are asking us to do a challenge that I can't pass up! There is a campaign coming up that will let you try and review the FLIP camera. To be in the running for this campaign, I have to be one of the bzzagents that gets the most traffic to the a list of Chevy-Superbowl commercials. I would really, really love the chance to own my own Flip, so I'm asking for your help! Please click on what you see below and watch some or all of the commercials! I would just really appreciate it!

Also, which one was your favorite?


  1. My favourite was the remote control one ;) but the retirement home was pretty funny too!

    Good Luck!