Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Factor Tree

Here's another great resource for someone that is either a homeschooling parent or maybe just a child that needs some math practice.

This week, BzzAgent asked me to try out and review a site called "The Factor Tree". This site is practicing Preschool through 6th Grade math skills. If you are interested in trying out this site, you can get a 2 week free trial using the code BZF.

When you log in to the site for the first time, it will take your information as well as some about your child. Then, it will take you through an evaluation test, which starts at the Preschool skills and continues through the grade levels. Each time you login, you will come to this screen.

It finds the places where you made the most mistakes and starts producing "worksheets" that will help you build any skills that are lacking. I have used the site three times and have not found any part that does anything in the way of teaching new skills, but it will help you if you ask for a hint. The hint button brings up pictures, equations (if needed) and an explanation of how you can find the answer to a problem.

As you are doing the problems, there is a pie chart off to the right to tell you how many you are getting correct. I thought that was a nice idea, but for the child that might be struggling, it could be a source of anxiety if they see that they are missing too many.

Overall, I liked this product and could see how it might be helpful to some students. I wanted to give you a few snapshots of what you might see if you try out this site. Also, if you do decide to try out the site or have tried it in the past, I would love to hear your reactions in the comments below. Thanks!

I like that there is an organized list of the progress that the student has made.

I also liked that this pop up box came up to remind you to congratulate your child.

Here is an example from third grade geometry.

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