Monday, February 7, 2011

Gettin' Down on the Floor!

Friday we needed to burn off some energy in our house! I keep hearing bloggers say that they are taking their couch cushions and blankets and making obstacle courses. I don't think I have seen any pictures of this though. So, I keep wondering what they look like.

Here is what it looked like for us. We use all of the cushions from our couch, a chair cushion, a couple pillows, a body pillow and the ottoman to hold it up. Matthew loved it! Once he started tunneling through he was so excited that he kept yelling "Time tunnel approaching" (Dinosaur Train reference).

I highly recommend that you do this. The best part was at the end when we gave him cushions and had him put the back where they go. It was almost like a giant puzzle. Great idea! Thanks to so many of you that suggested it!


  1. Looks like fun! My brothers and I used to do this when we were young I haven't done it yet with my little guy yet. I know he will love it.
    Thanks for reminding me!
    Have a great week.

    Bonnie from

  2. Hi!
    I am sorry but I have to delete your entry on the Meet Me on Monday linky because you did not participate and post your questions and answers in your post!
    I would love to have you join so please come back once you have your Meet Me On Monday post completed!