Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bringing the Snow inside!

Yes, that is real snow!

Over the weekend, Matthew seemed to be getting bored with the usual. I had seen another blog where someone brought the snow inside. I thought that Matthew would love to play in this sensory box, because he just loves to play in the snow. Sadly, that was not the case. It was pretty much just Mommy and Daddy playing in this one.

One neat thing did happen though. When I realized that this was pretty much a bust, I started to put the box in the sink. When I did, Matthew became interested and jumped up on a chair to see what I was doing. It turned into a little science experiment!

I wanted to show Matthew that the snow was going to melt when I added hot water. He may not have got that, but he did seem to be interested in seeing how the hot water changed the feel of the box when it was added. I would add a little water and then turn it off. He would dip his fingers in and say "Cold Mommy." We did this three or four times. The last time, it was warm enough for him to say "Hot Mommy."

While were were doing all of that water adding, I was talking to him and telling him what was happening. Obviously, I know that he doesn't get it, but one thing that I learned while teaching is that introducing an idea even before someone is ready can spark an interest that you could never imagine was there.

Here's some of the pictures of the changes that our little snow bin made when we added water.


  1. I brought snow in yesterday to make SnowCream! Yum. I'm stopping by from GFC! Your newest follower!


  2. Hope you'll share this one over at my silly little blog. :)