Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Feb Plan

I had this at least half done when I did January. So, then, why did it take me so long to crank out? I've probably put another 3 hours into it over the last couple of days, because of guilt. That part of me that says "You're not doing enough 'stuff' with your son" keeps me thinking that planning one little goal for the day is such a low and lame expectation.

So instead of posting, I spent extra time looking up what is going on around town, at the local Y, at all of the museums and stuff. I wanted to make sure that I was taking advantage of all of the good opportunities. As it turns out, in doing that, I realized that I was much happier with my one goal a day idea and just adding the rest of the stuff later. I know that I will add more activities with our "Letter of the Week", which you will not see listed on the , we will also take additional field trips, and learn new songs.

I had to stop and think about my goals. My goal above all was to make sure that I had some direction each day for what I wanted my son to be learning. Instead of thinking "Good God! What are we going to do today!" I will have a plan in place and I will be able to prepare ahead of time.

That all said....I present you with "The Feb Plan". If there is anything that you are curious about or any ideas that you have for anything I am doing, I would love your input.

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