Monday, February 28, 2011

Matthew the Archeologist

This morning I needed something to keep Matthew busy so that I could get some dishes done. I've been saving this sensory box for a yucky day!

This activity brought out some get vocabulary. Some of the words that we talked about were: archeologist, bones, fossils, ribs, and skeleton

I picked up these dinosaur skeletons a couple months ago from the Dollar Store. The black beans were leftover from the Halloween Party sensory table. Everything else came from toys that Matthew already had laying around.

He loved using his "Special Tools" to pick up everything.

And don't you just love his "scientific" glasses? He did!

He found this rouge bean mixed in with everything else. We called it the dinosaur egg. He LOVED that! For him though, eggs are for eating. So, all of the dinosaurs were taking turns eating the egg.

I started off by showing him how to find the fossils with his brush and shovel. Then I hid them again and let him find them on his own. After I knew that he was involved, I moved over to the sink and started the dishes. He played with this box for an hour. When he was finished, he took the dinosaurs into his playroom and played with them some more!

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  1. Great idea! And Yay for you for getting some stuff done!