Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Casting for Recovery

This past weekend was the "Casting for Recovery" event that I mentioned a few weeks ago. This year, the event was moved to a new location and it was, honest to goodness truth, the best one ever!

The new location was at the Marriott on 228. The food was amazing! The fashions were fabulous! I wanted to show off some picture of the event.

Food is always very important! We started with a salad and some rolls. For our main course, we had chicken, red potatoes, and squash. Very yummy! We wrapped it all up with the most amazing cake that I've ever had. I wish I had a picture of it!

This is one of the Chinese auction tables. There were something like 40ish prizes. I, being ever so lucky, took home 3 of them! Out of a room of over 200 people.....I was excited!

At this table, you can learn more about Casting for Recovery and buy different items that help raise money for the cause.

And....the Perkins Family...the "Original Four". I love that we are all out volunteering together.

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