Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sick Daddy....

Last night, I had to work. My husband switched his day off to help me out with the kids for the night. I had been looking forward to this night away from my kiddos and the midweek break that comes with having Daddy home.

Then, I woke up to a sick husband! He said everything hurt and he couldn't stop throwing up. Awesome! I immediately got the kids out of the house. We went to Chuck E. Cheese. I knew it wouldn't be too crowded, but I was shocked that we were there for 2 hours and had the entire place to ourselves for the first hour and half! I was able to let Matthew run around while attending to the needs of Chloe.

When we got home and Daddy was still very sick, I decided that I was going to have to take at least one child with me for the night. Chloe was the obvious choice for a few reasons: 1. She's still nursing and it's just easier 2. We wanted to limit her contact with Daddy as much as possible, because we don't want her getting this 3. It would be a lot easier for me to take care of her than to take care of Matthew.

As for work...let's just say that it started off kinda difficult, but twoish hours of difficult stressful babies that are crying and upset was nothing! The night ended decently and pretty quietly. I was grateful for that. We left around 10:30 and I called Scott to check in. I literally got a *groan*. He said he was out of Pepto and asked me to get more. I said I would, but was not too thrilled that I was going to have to take the baby out of the car again for two reasons 1. It was freezing cold 2.I had already been to Giant Eagle today 3. The van doors in the back were frozen shut again and I had to hoist her carseat over the drivers seat! I hate having to do that! It is the only issue that I have with my new van. The stupid doors freezing up!

Does anyone else have that problem? Are there any good solutions?

Anyway, we got out and got the Pepto, and headed home. When I got home, my husband shared that he was so sick that he already called off for tomorrow...WOW!! So sick that he can't wait to see how he's doing in the morning. I can't wait to see how today goes...and how much longer it will be before I get this...Pray that I don't!!!

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