Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sorting and ABCs

We have been really working on our letters this month and my son has been really loving it! He has just suddenly really taken a notice of the letters around him. Everywhere we go and everything he sees seems to have a letter that he recognizes! I've been trying to informally assess which letters he knows. I think the following is about right:

Knows: A, B, C, H. I, L, O, P, S, T, V, W, X  
Working on: D, E, K, M, R, Y
Doesn't know: F, G, J, N, Q, U, Z

I'm thinking that's pretty awesome for a kid that's only 3! The great part is that he is very interested in learning these letters and the sounds that they make, so I think my goal to start him reading before he turns 4 is going to be attainable. At this point, he only knows sounds for letters: B, C, and D. Those are the letters that we've studied since I've really put my heart into working with him.

He also seems to really get rhymes thanks to Dr. Seuss! He started into those books when he was around 2 and never let up! I just keep reading them to him and slowly take out words that I think he'll know.

Tomorrow, we are starting Letter F. I've been wanting to do more activities with sorting, because my son seems bored and uninterested with sorting stuff. I made a little sheet that has a picture of Peter Pan on one side and Captain Hook on the other. He has about 8 pictures of people that are either on "Team Peter" or "Team Hook". Hopefully, with his AMAZING love for all things Peter Pan, I will be able to get him sorting these tomorrow.  I'll take a picture if I do.

Hopefully a couple of sorts like that will gain his interest again.

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