Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Photos

 This is our little family on 'our Christmas Eve'. My husband and I have done this for a long time as a way to make sure that we have some special Christmas traditions that are just for our little family. This was also our first official photo as a family of four. I love it...minus that glow on my husband's teeth...the heck is that?  :)
 This was another 'faked Christmas'. We were all sick right around Christmas and I really feel apart on Christmas Day. Since I didn't get a picture of my kiddos together on Christmas Day in their special Christmas outfits, I made them dress up again a few days later when we finally got to my in-laws. I thought that we were all feeling better at this point....about 6 hours after this photo the baby would be in Children's with a fever of 103!
 Santa always comes when we host the playgroup Christmas party! All of the kids sat on his lap and then the other moms insisted that I take a sit too. You wouldn't believe how touchy-feely Santa can be with a Mom.  ;)
This is also on "our Christmas Eve". We always get dressed up in take pictures in our jammies and then putting cookies out for Santa. 

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