Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

This Christmas season was a doozy! We went to at least 5 different Christmas parties. We saw Santa at all of those parties and just about everywhere we went! I baked well over 15 dozen cookies throughout the month of December. Hubby had an entire 2 weeks of vacation that we saved just for Christmas! We also had a trip to urgent care for Mommy and a two night sleepover at Children's with the new baby. It was a long month!

Now I'm getting back into the groove and feeling sluggish! I'm feeling myself get a little depressed already because I feel like I didn't even get to enjoy the holidays (I was really, really sick on Christmas day and ended up going home around lunch, with a stop at Urgent Care and then sleeping the rest of the day...two days later was that trip to Children's) and now it's time to go back to nothing exciting happening for a while.

As I sat there and starting to think of what is on my "to do " list for this year, I feel like I'm almost starting a new life! Since I had the new baby and started to try to go back to work, I've realized that working 4 nights a week with both of my children and the 3 that I chauffeur is a bit much for me. I've been only working one night for the past month or so. That's leaving me a lot of free time. I don't do well without certain things in my schedule to keep me accountable. So, I'm working on filling up my life.  

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