Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Measuring and water play!

Right around September, I stumbled upon an insanely awesome sale at the ETA.Cuisenaire online store. If you are not familiar, they are a company that makes a lot of different manipulative for the classroom.

They were doing their first, ever, 80% off sale. I really couldn't believe the prices! Plus, I guess they didn't realize just how business they were going to do, so they got really behind on they added in free shipping. The downside was that it would be over 2 weeks to get everything. I didn't mind though...these prices were too good to pass up!

Among the many items that I bought, some plastic cylinders in different sizes. Some were as cheap as 10 cents!! I don't think I paid more than 50cents for one. I was also able to get safety googles for maybe a buck....I don't remember, but I had a TON of items for $24!

My big idea with the different cylinders was to make a sort of sensory box/water play box that could be used to compare each ones capacity for holding water. I didn't know if Matthew would "get it", but I figured that at least it would be fun for him.

We have played with this little set quite a few times and he loves it! I talk to him about how many milliliters of water each of the containers holds and then we count to see how many times we have to fill up the smaller ones to get the biggest one filled up (moving 25ml of water to fill up a 1000ml container often doesn't keep his attention, but still....).

We were playing with this today and I wanted to share the pictures!

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