Saturday, January 16, 2010

What do I do???

I'm busy....
I was a teacher...who was busy.
Now, I'm a "stay at home mom", nanny/babysitter, book keeper, and wife...and I'm busy!

My days tend to go like this:
5:30, I wake up and lay in bed and decide if I'm am going to get up and do the dishes, load of laundry, etc before my son wakes up or just stay put.
5:45 (6 if I'm lucky), my 13 month old wakes up and wants to nurse
6:15, I get ready to go and get the kids ready that I watch
7:00, leave for the kids
7:30-9:15, help the 3 kids that I watch get ready to school, and drive them to their two different schools
9:30, three days a week I meet my husband at the YMCA to workout together
10:30, pick up my crying kid from the YMCA daycare and take him home for a snack
11:00, I play with my son, read with him, and teach him a new sign of the day (except for Wednesdays, when I go to my parent's house to do the books for their business which takes forever when you're trying to keep a 1 year-old busy for 2 hours!)
12 noon, is lunchtime and usually a bath
1-3, If I'm lucky is nap time for him and dishes, laundry, picking up his mess, cooking for me...I rarely "rest when he rests"
3, My son wakes up and we play a little
4:30, I'm out the door to pick up the kids again....I take them home, make them dinner, help with homework, take them to: Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, violin lessons, swim lessons, tutoring, etc.
Between 7:30-8:30 their mom comes home and I am on my way back home. I am usually so exhausted that I fall asleep in my bed while helping my son get to sleep.

If I manage to stay up, it is usually to make sure that my husband eats something other than cereal for dinner!

Friday is my favorite day, because usually I do not watch the kids those days. I can just stay home and catch up on stuff that I need to get done.

In all of this, my husband now works 11am-9pm, four days a week. I don't see him much, except for his days off. However, his days off are not always my days off.

What is your day like????

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