Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sales.....and me!

Did I mention that I'm a super sales shopper? There are a few places that I really enjoy shopping at and I have learned when their best sales take place. I also know most of the best ways to get good coupons to stack with those sales.

For example:
January is always a good time to shop. Specifically the 2-3 weeks of January. That is when many stores are trying to get rid of their winter inventory and the sales are HOT!!!

Last year, about this time, I was stalking Target for their baby stuff that was on sale. About 1-2 weeks ago, they started clearing out a lot of inventory in their store. I headed over to my local Target this past Friday to find that they had a TON of items, all over the store, at 50-75 percent off. I know it is early, but I stocked up on gifts for my son and my 4 nieces for both Christmas and their birthdays. I was also about to get a couple nice shirts for myself (all under $5), Gamer PJs (org. 21.99, marked $5.99) for the hubby, and 2 new pairs of Velcro sneakers for my little one (each marked down to $4). I also bought our first tent (4-6 person tent $39.48), and an igloo cooler (under $10) all I spent under $200. It is nice to be able to knock out so many different buys at one time. Some of the best bargains were the Polly Pockets that were $2.50, and a baby doll that was $25, marked down to $6.

Granted, to some, I might be going overboard. I admit that I do at times, but I don't feel too bad about it, since I know that I'm spending what I can afford to spend and I won't be stressing about gifts at the last minute.

Let's do Old Navy next. I only started shopping there a couple of years ago. About three years ago, I stumbled into their store....5 months pregnant (more on that later) and found that there was a sale that I couldn't pass up! They had racks and racks or clearence items that were already discount up to 50%....and you got take ANOTHER 50% off those prices! I went nuts!!!

Well, last weekend, I was waiting to hear that this sale was coming up again....but nothing. So, hubby and I went out to the mall and I just bought a bunch of stuff that I thought would be cute for my son for next winter and a couple of things for the year after that in case he decided to start needing a 3T as we are coming out of winter next year. Well, I had a coupon (which Old Navy puts right out on their site!!!) for $5 off of $25. As it turned out, I had exactly a $25 gift card to spend. I believe that I was able to buy something like 5 winter outfits and the total came to $22 and some change after the coupon. THIS week the extra 50% off sale was going on. Well, lucky me, I was able to take in my receipt and get a price adjustment on what I bought a week ago. $13 was credited back to me! Amazing! I did a little adding to see what the price would have been for all of those items at regular price....$100!!!! I could never afford that!

Another place that I love to shop is at Bath and Body Works. Honestly though, I can't afford shower gel at $9.50 a bottle! Enter thier big sale! In January and in June, they their big "SEMI-ANNUAL SALE". Those same shower gels are just over $2 during that sale! Granted, sometimes their inventory stinks, but you have to be kinda open to different scents. I've not had too many problems personally, and I think that I'm pretty hard to please as far as scents go. As an added bonus. When you answer their survey that is mentioned at the bottom of the receipt you can a $10 off $30! Last time I was at the store, the woman wanted to make VERY sure that I understood that coupon NEVER expired! No too bad! is life, my child is in need of me. I gotta go.

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