Saturday, January 23, 2010


This morning, my son sounded really bad. I decided that it was really time to call the doctor. I was able to get an appointment. For which, they said, "Come on in right now."

I decided that it was my turn to get a break from appointments, so I armed my husband with a list of symptoms, medicines that he's been taking, and questions to ask. Then, I sent him on his way.

I was sure that my son had some kind of a lung issue. He's had bronchitis at least twice in his short 13 months of life. I was wrong. It was another ear infection. He'll be on antibiotics again.

It is so hard to make the call when you are the mother. When do you need to call the doctor? At a visit a few months ago, my doctor said that it was lucky that I waited to take my son it, because I wouldn't have seen any kind of infection in his ear if I had brought him earlier. I guess that's good. I'm always afraid that I'm waiting too long though.

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