Monday, November 2, 2015

The during and after....

You asked, and I was listening! I finally got all of these pictures together to show you how things turned out in our kitchen! Enjoy!
These are the rooms that we started with. A small kitchen and a playroom that I had already removed most of the toys from.
Then we demoed one side at a time. You can see....we were all the way down to the old original bare walls.
This floors has always been a bit of a disaster. This section of the house used to be a sunroom or something so the way that the floor was put in was kind of a mess. We decided to fix that as much as we could while we were tearing it all up.
We also tore down the wall between the rooms so that it could all be one big kitchen.
The day that drywall went up and the dust was back down to a minimum, that's when we started to feel like there might be an end to all of this craziness!
Here's the wall color on the walls and the cabinets before they were painted.
Then appliances got here! And things really started to look finished! BUT the plumbing wasn't set up yet so we still had waiting!
 All finished! Everyone loves this room, so you'll notice that my daughter was loading up her toys on the floor

This is my favorite spot!! I love to be here!

And here's the man that I can thank for heading up this project! Thanks Dad! You deserve all of the kisses and hugs for this one!

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