Sunday, November 8, 2015

History Materials

If you are teacher or homeschool parent that is currently teaching middle or high school students American history, I have found some new resources for you!

The store, Stephanie's History Store has nearly 400 products. Stephanie's products mix text, with real photographs, artifacts, and even related comics from the time period.

Here is a list of topics that you can find within this store, click on the topic to be taken to resources that relate:

Ancient History
Andrew Jackson
Civil War and Reconstruction
Cold War
Early American History (Washington to Jefferson)
Early Exploration
End of Semester/Year
English Civil War/Early British History
French Revolution
Great Depression/New Deal
Industrial Revolution
Industry, Labor, and Inventions in America
Louisiana Purchase/Lewis and Clark
Manifest Destiny/Westward Expansion
Medieval History
Mexican American War
Presidents and World Leaders Activities
Progressive Era
Renaissance and Reformation
Revolutionary War (and Colonization)
Russian Revolution
Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment
The American West
War of 1812
Who's Who Series
Women's History Month
World War 1
World War 2

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