Friday, November 6, 2015

Roll it, Read it!

I created this last year for Matthew. He was really starting to take an interest in reading and writing, so we abandoned the short vowels and skipped ahead to "The H Brothers". These are the words that start with ch-, sh-, th-, and wh- and there's an awesome story that helps bring this to life (google it!).

The game has minimal prep.
~I prefer to laminate our board. You will need one per person.
~You will also need to prepare one die for each pair or group that will be playing.
~One dry erase marker per person.

In the game, you simply roll a die, whatever number you roll is the number that you read. Each number has 4 sentences, when you read one, you mark a box beside the one that you read to show that you were successful in reading it. Unless you roll a 6, then you get to choose any of the numbers and read any one sentence from anywhere on the page. The player that reads all four sentences by any one number is the winner!

Matthew loves to play this game!

This product is on my Teachers Pay Teachers store: Wedded Mommy Bliss right now! I expended it to allow for a variety of levels to use it. At the beginner level, students simply have to identify uppercase letters. As students progress is their reading, they can move through short vowel families, long vowels, and then on to reading sentences.

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  1. This looks great! And thank you for telling me to Google that story. I had never heard it before. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to link up to my Teaching Tuesday link up party. Please stop back again next week!
    ~Heather aka HoJo~