Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cloth diapering update

It's been about a month or six weeks, so I thought that it was time to share how things are going with cloth diapering Matthew.

Everything has been going very well. We have been using Bum Genius brand diapers during the day with the large size liner and a combination of Bum Genius and Haut Pocket diapers at night with both the infant and large sized liners. We have had no problems! This has been basically a seamless process and very easy! I want to show you how cute these diapers are, so here's a couple of pictures to show you what a cloth diaper of today looks like.

What are the worst parts?

Hmm....defiantly having to work out the #2s. Which, I could avoid somewhat with the liners that I was given, but for whatever reason we haven't even tried them.

Also, doing the laundry can be a pain. You are supposed to wash these diapers in a cold cycle to agitate the stain and then doing a hot cycle. I guess some people have a setting on their washer that does that, but we do not. So, I have to make an extra trip down to make the washer do the extra cycle which sometimes gets me backed up.

Other than that, this just isn't so bad. I think that a lot of the reason is that I picked a good time to start. If I had decided to cloth diaper when Matthew was first born, I have a feeling that I would have felt overwhelmed. Between "learning on the job" how to nurse and lack of sleep and finding time to get anything done, I think I would have stopped before I ever got started. Now, though, everything is pretty much old hat. I know what to expect from my son and I know how to work around him.

I forget to tell you that I was also able to sell some of the extra diapers that I had. After I was all done buying and receiving via, I had about 52 diapers. That is way more than I could ever need. I sold off 5 of them and made $30! That helped to offset the costs of the diapers that I paid for. It brought down my cloth diapering costs to about $120! Which isn't too bad for a lifetime (and then some) of diapers.

If you are thinking that this is something you would like to try, I urge you to give it a shot!

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