Saturday, December 18, 2010

Another cheap game!

I went to Toys R' Us last night and picked up Battleship. While I was there, they were having an extra 30% off of a lot of games as part of their Friday night and Saturday morning sale. I decided to see what else I could get for super cheap with my Hasbro coupons. As it turned out, they had Pictureka Flipper game on sale for $6.98! Sweet deal since the regular price on the tag said $29.99! WOW! Then, I had an additional $5 off! I ended up getting Battleship and Pictureka for a grand total of $5.32! BUT WAIT!!!

With the Toys R Us, Hasbro Rebate I will get an additional $3 back on my Battleship purchase.

Prior to getting this great deal, I went over to the game department to finally get something that my husband would not know about for Christmas. I found that they had some great deals going on! If you bought two games over $49.99 you got a $40 gift card. Not bad, but I wasn't looking to spend that. Plus, I was there for a specific purchase. I wanted to get my husband the new Classic Mario Collection game for Christmas.

I have been wanting the Family Game night games for a couple of years now and they just released a new one.

The Mario Classic Collection is currently $53.99 on Amazon, but it was at Toys R Us for $29.99. Family Game Night 3 is $29.99 on Amazon. I paid $39.99. Total at Toys R Us was just under $75, but I also got that $25 gift card AND that Hasbro rebates will give me $5 for the Family Game Night 3 game! Not too shabby!

Toys R Us certainly has a lot of good deals to get you in there for the holidays!

***Edit: I could have made this deal a little better by using my $25 gift card on the games, but it took 6 hours for the card to become activated. I know that usually you don't need the entire 6 hours, so I did try it, but the card would not go through. I don't mind having this card to use later. When we get to mid-end of January it will be inventory and clearance time and that means LOTS OF CHEAP DEALS!!!

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