Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gingerbread and G week

My son is going to turn two in about a month and he loves to learn! So I was excited about a month ago when I found the site "No Time for Flashcards". The author blogs about different craft and learning projects that she does with her son. She has ideas for all kinds of things that I never though MY son could do! Surprise! He can ...and he LOVES it!

Using "No Time for Flashcards" as an aid, I started doing my own little themes to help my son learn more about his letters, colors, and practice find motor skills. This has proved to be very successful!

These past two weeks, we have been doing things related to gingerbread, because we have been working on the gingerbread that we will take to PPG this weekend for their display. I thought that since it was going to be such a big project, we should build around it. So, all of these two weeks were devoted to Gingerbread and letter "G".

Today we had a great time making a green, glittered, glued, G. I wanted to share some pictures. Along with making this "G", we also practiced how to sign the letter "G" and I talked about words that start with "G".

Here's pictures of our project today.

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