Monday, November 15, 2010

Being Thankful

Our gingerbread time is over for now. These next two weeks are going to be devoted to giving thanks.

The big project of the next two weeks is showing people in our community that we are thankful. I have bought all of the mixes and ingredients to make goodies for a variety of community members that help us out in a great way! Some of my list are: the police, firemen, the childcare watchers at the YMCA, the mailman, that super nice security officer at the bank who is always so polite and always opens the door for me at the bank.

I still need some kind of poem or card or something that I can put with these treats to kind of explain what it is all about. I'll be searching the web in a minute for something that might work.

As for what my son will get of this...Well...he's just a few weeks shy of two, so I'm thinking that he isn't going to get much out of this project. My hope though, is that some of the people might be willing to stop and pose for a picture with my son so that I will be able to make a little book for him that will show him what he did this year. Then, as we look at it over the next year, hopefully he will be excited to do this project again in the future and we will have started planting the seed that will help him to give thanks. I also happen to like that this will get us into the kitchen making different goodies. While this can sometimes be a chore with my son, I know that he really likes helping me and it good for him to see me measure out the ingredients and taking the time to touch, smell, and taste new things (vanilla extract, flour, sugar, mint) is really a good thing for him at this age.

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