Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Being Thankful!

I was able to get started last night. I got home from work around 7pm and started baking chocolate chip cookies. I ended up with 8 dozen cookies! While they were baking I was also able to wrap about a dozen Christmas gifts and watch Glee!

The cookies are ready to go, but I also got a few cakes, because I think that the fire station and the police station are probably going to have a lot more people there and a few dozen cookies just won't cut it. Today, I set out to make my two very simple cakes. I get the ingredients added and go to mix it up...GREAT! I killed my hand mixer last night while making cookies. I had a feeling that was coming. Sad, this mixer is not even 3 years old yet.

So now, the list of broken/lost items includes: digital camera, laptop, laptop keyboard, and hand mixer....OY!

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