Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Trying to be a winner this week...

So far, this week has been a winner of a week.

On Monday, I found out that I won tickets to the Auto Show. Cool,  because I had suggested that my husband take his Dad for his birthday. Nothing is better than being able to give a gift that is free.

Tuesday, I happened to be online (a facebook contest that popped up) at the right time and won an overnight at the new Wyndham hotel that is downtown. This is likely to turn into a date night with hubby. An always much needed night away from the kids and just for us!

I was sitting there thinking last night that I wonder if I could win something each day this week! Wouldn't that be amazing luck? I often have people tell me that I'm lucky, because I win stuff. What they don't understand is that I do have my little "tricks" to win!

I honestly would never flat out CHEAT (cause cheaters NEVER win), but I have one trick for winning that I'm going to share....

Say I'm at a Chinese Auction. Usually, if I'm at one of these it is to help support a cause. So, I want to help them, but I want to win too. I walk around and check out the "merch". It never fails...there is ALWAYS one item that everyone wants! It's usually something related to a sports team. If you look at the ticket container for this, it's FILLED to the top! My chances are not good!!! But....the basket of kids toys may only have a quarter of the tickets that said sports item had. Which would I pick?

Of course I'm going to go with the kids toys! Even if I can't use them, I can save them for gifts or put them away for when my kids are older.

Have you ever tried to win something from a website that has a whole bunch of people entering....your chances are horrible!!! Why bother!?

No cheating here....just simple math:

If 100 different people entered for the sports item my chances of winning are 1 in 100


If only a quarter of the people entered for the kids my chances are 1 in 25!

I like to walk away with something!

The Auto Show tickets....I didn't want them for myself, but I knew my father-in-law would enjoy going. Since I had asked my husband to take him for his birthday, I thought I'd at least try to win them! Plus, the source that was giving them away is one that I KNOW isn't going to have too many entrants.

And the hotel...again...that was just being online at the right time....and thanks to Mac Kids for asking me to like them a few weeks ago!

What have you won lately???

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