Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Asking for help....

                                                             My little Valentine last year

First, Happy Valentine's Day!!! I'll share more about what we are doing to celebrate Valentine's Day at our house later today or tomorrow.

I read a blog post this morning that really hit home.

I'm horrible at asking for help! I feel like the fact that I'm a mom that only works 10ish hours a week, I should be able to handle everything all by myself. That's not the case! I actually feel very overwhelmed most of the time. A  lot of it is in my head, but still. I know all of that, but I still won't ask for help. Usually, I won't even accept help when it is offered. My Mom is awesome, because she will insist on helping me until I agree. She knows when I need it most. Thank God for my Mom.

Anyway, as I read this post from "Freelance Homeschool Mom", it was like the heavens opened up....it was one of those, "I never thought about it like THAT before", kind of moments.

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