Thursday, February 16, 2012

Free Reading Program that is working! Only today left to get it!

A few weeks ago, I was reading my usual blogs and came across one that said that Funnix was offering their reading program for free until February 16th. I love free, so I decided to download the program right away.

I opened it right up and started to scroll through the first lesson. The lesson appeared to be fairly long and looked very dry. I decided that I was going to skip ahead and see when they would be reading their first story. Well, the first part of the program (you are able to download BOTH the first 40 lessons and the second...I forget how many lessons for free right now) after 40 lessons kids were not reading whole stories! My first thought was that this was going to go way to slow!

I decided to try it out with my son anyway. When I sat down with him, I first learned that I was not thorough enough! Each lesson didn't just have a letter that was covered, there are 9 or 10 sections that work on things like:

"Most of the lessons have 4 main activities:

Children identify sound and letter names.
Children identify words.
Children read a story.
Workbook or Lined-Paper activities." - Funnix website

I had been trying to work with my son on putting sounds together to make that when I say:

kah - ah - tah

He would say "cat". I had been very unsuccessful. I had not considered that he might need something a little simpler to start with. They started him with compound words, so that he'd hear things like:

mail - box

He very easily and quickly knew that the answer was 'mailbox'.

They are also teaching him how to look ahead when he reads. They do this by asking the kids to put their finger on a starting point of a line. When they are told to, they have to move it down the line to the first dot and do what is at that dot. Usually, it is something like touch your ear or nose. Then, when they are told again, they moved their finger down to the next dot and do what is at that dot.

There are many other amazing reading skills happening in this program, so I urge you to take a look.

My son is an early 3 year-old and is having success with this program, but I do sit next to him and follow along and help him. Their site does say that this program is for children ages 4-7 and will take them from "the non-reader to a beginning third grade reading level in 220 lessons".

Also, if you read this post and see that the program is no longer free, no worries! This program is only $25, but will be going up to $38 soon.

I have no been compensated by to write this positive review. I used this product in my home and felt that it was worth sharing.

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