Sunday, July 31, 2011

Time to buy

Tis the Season!!!

I told you that it was time to buy back to school stuff. I forgot about something that is on the back to school list. That being underwear, socks, and undershirts! Those fall under the "clothing" category, but maybe you didn't consider that these items would be on sale for adults too! This week, Target is running a pretty nice deal.

You can get Hanes items on sale with the added bonus of and extra or two in the packages. If you hurry you can get the $1 off Hanes coupon on the Target site. I have also read that there is a $1 peelie on some packages which you can use WITH the Target coupon, because it is supposed to be a manufacture's coupon. Target is also rewarding you for buying 4 packs of Hanes items with a $5 off gift card. Remember to use your Target Red Card to save 5% off your total and take in your reusable bags to save an extra 5cents per bag!

This is  a pretty decent deal overall. For me, I will not just put these items out right now, because we don't "need" them yet, but I will save them for when we need them or for Christmas! Socks and underwear always seem to be a staple on our Christmas shopping and has already been on my list!

I haven't gotten to Target yet, so let me know when you do these deal how it all goes. I hope to be there later today to get the best deal......

1 more little tip! Save your receipt! If for any reason these go on sale you can take them back anytime over the next 3 months and get your money back! 

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  1. hahaha, you are just like my dad... socks and underwear for Christmas. Boring gift, but yet, essencial.