Monday, July 11, 2011

Tales from the Mothership made me think of this....

I have a playgroup friend that is a super awesome person! Honestly, I think all of my playgroup friends are awesome, but this is probably the first friend since college that I've made that I can talk about ANYTHING with...from getting down and dirty with my husband to..........getting and down and dirty cleaning up toddler poop off the floor! Some people aren't able to switch from one of those topic to the other....but we can, and have!

I was just reading her blog about her daughter's first poop in the tub. She said it's the first time she's every done it. My son was born December 5, 2008....her daughter 3 days later...same hospital....We seriously must have JUST missed each other! I thought that was funny, because my little sweetie has pooped in the tub so many times we practically have a routine for it! What she said reminded me of an AWESOME little moment the other day.

Saturday was a big day for me. I teach baby signing classes through a company called "My Smart Hands". I thought I was going to be done with it, because I really wasn't making anything of it. Then, Spring came and the e-mail requests started coming in.

On Saturday, I was going to be doing my first demonstration class at a local store. I was nervous about it and excited! I had been trying to get all of my thoughts in order for the class all week, but between not sleeping enough and just being so nervous, nothing was really finalized.

Friday, I was dragging! I wanted to take my son out in the morning so that I could assure he would have a really good nap, but I was just so tired that I barely got off the couch most of the morning. I knew that nap time was going to be my time to get my work done for Saturday, but if I didn't get him out of the house in the morning, the chances of a nap were slim.

Of course, nap time came around and he wasn't interested in napping, but I STILL had to get my work done. So, I tried putting him in the crib and letting him sleep (big boy bed needed to be washed and I don't have a second set of sheets for it he's still getting used to the bed and plays a LOT when he's in it). I let him play in his crib for a while. Then, he started with the screaming. "Mommy! Where are you?", "Mommy! Wake up!!" "Mommy! Matthew wakie, wakie!"

I couldn't concentrate or anything. So I decided, why fight it? I let him out of his crib to play in room. He likes to play trains and I was just in the next room. I told him he had to play on his train table and he did.

After about 15 minutes he came to see me. He was bored.

We went into the bathroom and he tried going potty. Nothing....ehh...seems to be the way of it!

While in there, he found a toy that he plays with at his water table and tried to put it in the sink, but it's just too big. I asked him if he wanted to take it in the bath. He was really excited!!!

I set him up with a little bit of water and let him go to town. I was at the point where I could print stuff so I could click print and then go check on him and then come back. I'm confident these days that he is NOT going to drown in one inch of water. Not that I leave him and go do laundry or anything, I was literally in the next room. Barely 10 feet from stop freaking out! If I heard anything that wasn't him playing, I could be in there faster get the idea...and I don't feel like defending my choice to let him play so I could get my work done.

So, I hear him getting out of the tub. I say "Honey, what are you doing?"

He peeks his naked butt into the room and says "Here mommy! I have a Happy Birthday!" Basically any gift is a Happy Birthday. I had taken off my glasses and could barely make out what it was that he was giving me. It looked like his tubby toy water goldfish. I told him to put it in the tubby. He starred at me for a while, but didn't really move. I was concerned that he was going to bring it into the room and get the floor all wet, so I started for the door as he started for the bathroom. He walked over to the toilet and said "Here Mommy!"

Then, my dear sweet son handing me his bright orange poo.


What could I do? I praised him for not going in his diaper or the tub...then we tossed his poo in the toilet and flushed it away.

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