Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Oh the things we do for the ones we love!

How well do you know me???

When I was younger, even a teenager, I was so phobic of needles that I tended to run off the table or out of the chair the second I saw the needle. I would cry and freak out like a four-year-old! My parents would fight over who had to take me if they knew that needles were going to be involved.
When I lost my first baby at 5 and half months, I had still had to go in and deliver. When I asked if we could skip the I.V. they practically laughed at me. I started off with a nurse that wasn't able to find a vein! I ALWAYS tell people that they better get it right the first time, because they only get one poke before I get totally freaked out! The first nurse sucked! She stuck me twice and couldn't get anything! I was already a mess from having lost my baby and now I was dealing with this! OY! When the older nurse came and got me the first time, I asked if there was anything they could do to keep it out of site for me. They ended up wrapping it up for me so that I couldn't see it until they needed it.

 A year later, when I had my son, I was dead set on no epidural, because I didn't even want to think about a needle going into me. However, I wasn't sure that I could do without it, so I signed the papers. Lucky that I did, because about 4 hours into it, I thought I was going to lose it! They had to try 3 different places in my back. I remember that being tough because I had to try to be still between contractions!

Well, I wish I had more specific examples, but you get the idea....I HATE NEEDLES.


I also hate debt! So this week I am starting a research study. It is for pregnant women that take the prescription drugs that I take for my blood pressure. I will be spending about 8 hours on Thursday in a hospital room while they collect my urine and blood about every half hour. This is totally not something I would normally even consider doing, but after a couple months of having different bills come up, I decided that this would help offset the costs and it's about as simple of a job as I could ever get! So what's the compensation? I will have to go in and do this study once this week, once in about 7 weeks, and once again post-postpartum. Each time, I will be given $250! I think that's worth it....and I'll just not think about the I.V! I'm keeping my eye on the prize and enjoying my quiet time in the hospital room.

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