Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tis the season!!!

OK! So you're stockpiling now, right?

You should be! Or at least thinking about it! This is especially the time to buy school stuff such as:


(Did you see that Staples is starting their penny deals this week? You can even get a ream of paper for 25 cents after rebate?!!! Awesome!! There is also a target coupon that will get you a pack of pens for chump change!)

All of that kind of back-to-school stuff.....BUT ALSO don't forget the COLLEGE back to school stuff....

storage bins

(These deals will end earlier than stuff that is for the elementary/high school back to school, so if you wait until 3rd week of August they might be picked over and/or starting to be marked WAY down! Last year, I was able to get 6 folding chairs at Target that were $10...on sale for $2.50 each! Perfect for parties!) 

And all of THAT stuff is really great, unless you don't NEED it....but you have to need food, right?
Well this is the time of year to stock on a lot of different food items. I call like to think of this as "back to school food shopping", because the stores know that you will want to prepare your "student" to be able to pack a lunch, but also have stuff for them for breakfast. I recommend keeping a close eye on your grocery store ads. Over the next few weeks you are going to see lots of sales on these items:

Name brand cereals
Peanut butter
Frozen breakfast stuff....waffles and pancake kind of things
bags of snacks
juice boxes and other juices
granola and other snack bars

As I said before, save up these coupons over the next few weeks. You might start to see some of these items on sale before the end of July and if you see a good enough sale, jump on it! However, if you want to see sales plus coupons PLUS in-store extras, I suggest holding out a bit.

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