Sunday, August 7, 2011

R & R!

I have been so tired and emotional recently! I think it has a lot to do with feeling overly stressed. I had a signing class on Saturday  morning and the things that I wanted to have to make it good, just were not falling into place properly. I ended up spending a lot of time on Friday dragging my son around all over town to get stuff for the class...or so I thought! I ended up going to about 3 different place in search of the same item and never finding it! After that, I was so annoyed with THE WORLD that thinking about doing the session the next morning was making me ill! On top of that, I was hosting a Mom's Night In on Saturday night and thinking about that was causing me stress as well.

Everything came to a head on Friday night around 8:30. That was when I broke my dining room table into about a million little glass pieces! After that, I just sat there and cried for a long time. I was feeling very hopeless, tired, and pregnant. I kept thinking "How can this day get any worse!!"

After I picked up all of the glass, I took my son up for his bath and bedtime. I told myself that I had to let go of the stress that I was feeling and try to enjoy this moment! Someday soon it won't just be and my little boy. So, I stopped crying and started playing Mommy and Baby fishy in tub. He LOVES that game! By the end of his bath I was starting to feel better. Then we went to my bed and started reading books. I was feeling very relaxed and considering blowing off everything else that I had to do and just going to bed! Then, the doorbell rang.......

I turned out that my parents and brother had gone out to dinner and needed a place to hang out for a big while they were flea bombing their house. Their coming was perfect! They helped to keep my son busy so that I could finish my work, set up the furniture for my party, went grocery shopping for me, and then after my son was in bed, provided me with some companionship. After they left, I was feeling much better.

Let's ignore the signing session. I liked it, but the best part of my day was Saturday night!

Saturday night, I hosted a Thirty One gifts party! I was very excited to have a party, despite the fact that I was stressing up til that point. The party was a total blast! I had a great time, enjoyed the Saturday night company with other moms and I just LOVE being the one to host, because then I don't feel bad about overstaying my welcome! The party started about 7:30 and the last person left close to midnight. I had so much fun that I kept thinking that I wish that every Saturday night was filled with this kind of fun and enjoyment. I could totally use a mom's night out at least once a week!

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