Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Back to myself again...or at least I'm getting there...

I am officially done with my first trimester! AMEN! I have just had my 3rd ultrasound and everything looks pretty good, with the exception of this issue of not being able to see my cervix. They say this is not a big issue right now and we'll see how things are going at 18 weeks, so I'm just keeping it as distant from my mind as possible!

I've had a lot of catchup to do at home. Between being too exhausted to do laundry, as well as sick and without a washer...and my normal "behindness", I live in a constant state of needing to do about 6 loads of laundry! I'm getting close to catch up though! At the point where I was out a washer for nearly 2 weeks, we had so much dirty stuff that I ran out of places to put it! All of my 5 oversized bins were filled and then some!

There have been some other projects on our minds recently. One was getting the attic organized. If you are not a "personal friend" that has had the luxury of helping us move (thank you Jason, Jess, Ryan, and Megan), you have no sense of the amount of stuff that the Snider family has. I don't think we're are to hoarding extremes, because it's not like dirty like the hoarders tend to be. It's just stuff! For me, my biggest issue is deciding which teacher stuff gets to stay or go. I have 6 Rubbermaids, 4 crates, and about 8 boxes of stuff that is from teaching. I also take responsibility for holiday, wedding gifts, and baby stuff. I try to get rid of a little of each as I am able to, but how can I get rid of baby stuff and wedding gifts???

Scott's biggest issues are his electronics and his "memories". When it comes to electronics, my husband does have a hoard of video games and systems. There are the ones that are out in his little "man cave", but then there are duplicates up in the attic. We also have old computer parts, routers, modems, two giant boxes for his stereo and TV....and much, much more! That's the kind of stuff that can't even be touched without him freaking out! Then, we have his "memories". This is the stuff that we have gone through so many times since I've known him...always the same...old souvenirs, trophies, pictures of old girlfriends, zillions of cards, and millions of trinkets. I understand that so many of these things hold a place in his heart, because I am the same way. However, there is a point when there is just too much useless stuff. I think that my husband is finally realizing that having the space and organization is more important than keeping every memory. And the truth is that he has NEVER had to journey up to the attic to desperately search for his old Pinewood Derby car....on wait...CARS....I thought we had paired them down to 1 from 4 (he was actually willing to get rid of all of them, but I asked him to keep one that was especially special for when Matthew gets to that age). HOWEVER, going through the attic this weekend, I found another box that had 5 more Pinewood Derby cars. I basically just threw my hands up in the air. Then, I tossed the cars out on the floor for Matthew and he LOVED them....until Scott found some old dinosaurs.

Another project that always comes up about now is the garden. I am not any kind of awesome gardener, but I like to put some of the more simple things into the garden and get it started just to see what comes up. This year, I am letting my veggies go to town, but also working on some fruit. I am very excited that we decided to get 2 blueberry and 1 raspberry bush to put beside the house. I have hard that the birds are big fans, but I am hopeful. I am also working on some strawberries. I'm hoping and praying that my diligence (I use the word loosely) will pay off in the end.

I have also gotten back in the habit of cooking for my family. Basically from the middle of March to almost the end of April were spent eating out or eating sandwiches. I felt too tired, nauseous, and sick to cook. I can say that I did make an effort at times, because I was concerned with our entertainment budget for the month. However, I really did not make much for that 6ish week span. I can say that my husband is super excited to see me back in the kitchen. Today, I made Philly Cheese-steaks with real steak and that got me a whole bunch of kisses. I knew he was very pleased! I love when I make him happy!

What's new with you?

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