Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hatching Chicks - Part 2

Today is day 10 of our hatching project! I want so badly to have something to share with you, but taking pictures of these eggs is very difficult!! Here is what I do have...

 This video will (hopefully) show you some of the veins that we can see when we "candle" the eggs.
This is the one picture that I got that showed anything. See that light spot on the bottom of the egg? That is the sac of air that the baby chicks will take their first breaths from! Each egg has a nice air sac.

That's as "eggciting" as things are getting around here. We have about 10 more days until hatch day! We are excited to see which egg will hatch first!

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  1. Looking good! Thanks for sharing.

    Chris, from Freehling Farms