Sunday, August 21, 2016

Egg Hatch - Part 3

Wow! I just realized that I never shared with you how our egg hatch ended! It was amazing!!! All of our 6 eggs hatched. We got to see about half of the chicks actually do most of their hatching. It's hard to be patient, but you have to let the chicks come out in their own time so that they can gain strength.

When they were finally all born and we
could put them in their new home.

The farmer was able to help me
identify the sex of the chicks.
 The reddish yellow ones were the girls.
 The totally yellow chicks are boys.
 Of the two black chicks, one was
 a boy and one was a girl.
The way to tell them apart was a little
 more difficult. We had to wait
 a few days to see which ones/if
 they would get white spots.
 I believe that white spots meant
 we had a boy. We had one of each though.

This little gal had me worried. She wasn't
growing as well as the others
 and they were beating to the food.
 We decided to put her in her own
 are with her own food. The farmers
 told us that giving them scrambled
eggs helped a lot. That seems so wrong!

After they were all hatched and happy. They stayed with us for 2 weeks. During that time, they were pretty quiet when they were warm. Eventually, they all go pretty big (as you can see in the last video) and they were starting to get loud and a little stinky! As much as I enjoyed having them, they were certainly getting to be too much for us. We knew they were ready to roam free more than we could offer. I was happy to hear from the farmer that all of our chicks were sold within a week of our returning them. I was happy to know that we did a great job getting them to the point where they could be sold.

In case you're wondering, I absolutely LOVED this project! I wasn't sure if I would....I am NOT an animal person. I don't understand animals. I've really never had pets in my life. So this was a whole new thing for me. Thankfully, I had some help to get started and truthfully, it's easier than I'd ever imagine. I hope that you will consider doing a hatch of your own! If you do, don't forget to visit my store WeddedMommyBliss, to pick up your hatching journal. It will help you out and be fun for your kids.

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