Sunday, December 6, 2015

Making Algebra Fun!!!

Hey Friends,

I love to challenge myself! So when I had this idea to make an algebra activity for my Teachers Pay Teachers store, I had to run with it!

If you've read my blog, you probably can tell that most of my work has been in the field of elementary education. I got to peek out of that for one year while I was teaching English as a Second Language to students at all grade levels. I was scared when I started, but I loved that job!

Back to my idea...

I wanted to make a fun algebra puzzle that was something that a teacher might use the day before a holiday vacation or maybe on a snow day that turned into a half day. However it worked out, I wanted this to be something that would be different than sitting and taking notes, but also allow students to get some practice in solving algebra problems.

The resulting puzzle was my "Thanksgiving Algebra Puzzle" which seemed to sell pretty well in my store. I decided to run with the idea and also made "Christmas Algebra Puzzle" which is now available in my store. If you're curious as to what these puzzles really look like, you can download my FREE Hanukkah puzzle. The Hanukkah puzzle turned out to be about half the size of my normal puzzles, so I decided to make it a freebie.

I have not received much feedback yet on these puzzles, so if you download them from my store and use them in your classroom, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear how it goes! Also, I am already working on a Snow/January Puzzle, so expect that there will be more to come!

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