Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Pre-K Day!

September 4th was our first day of homeschool Pre-K. I wanted to make it a fun one!

 Luckily, I was able to get myself out of bed before he did! 

First, he had to do the standard picture with the sign...before things got too crazy!

Then we busted out the "one in a lifetime" breakfast of donuts and chocolate milk! Here he told me "No more pictures Mommy, we already did that."

After we ate, he got to open his bag. Presents are always a big hit around here! He LOVED his Lego pencil box, because it was red! He had never had a pencil box before, so we got to explain to him what it was for. See how excited he is to add his pencils? :)

Five minutes later..., finally the pencils are just right!
Daddy is doing Bible time this year. It's a new thing to have Daddy involved with most things school related, but I told him how I thought it was very important for us to do this together and he agreed.
Then we took a break to do a sign picture on the steps. I imagine this happening each year, so I made him move to the far right to leave room for "Baby Grill" when she's a bit older.
Then, we got down to work! Obviously, we need some practice holding a pencil!
We did this listening page and ended with some pot and spoon music time!
Snack time came (he got this snack in his bag) and he wanted to sort....ok by me!

Finished product!

In the afternoon, we went outdoor to compare evergreen and deciduous trees during the summer. We will do this during each season this year.

This was a great first day!

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