Sunday, September 11, 2011

Apple season sensory box

I have been needing a new sensory box for Matthew. I wanted to do one that was all apples, but I had some trouble finding tiny apples to put in the box. I decided to go with sort of an Apple/Fall box, which he loves! The only thing that we need to add are some acorns.

What's in there:
A pack of leaves
2 bags of kidney beans
1/2 bag of some kind of yellow looking split pea
A handful of green flat marbles
4 or 5 golden pinecones
A dozen or so red pom poms
A dozen or so red buttons
10 apple buttons
1 tiny wooden pail
1 large plastic container
A half dozen cinnamon sticks (yum!)

Normally, I would get more of a smile, but my little guy had just got up from a nap and wasn't feeling great. He really loved his new bin though!

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